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Neyland Dry Stack

Our Secure Drystorage facility here at Dale Sailing, next to Neyland Marina, means you get all the convenience of a wet berth, however your boat is simply kept in the dry stack and launched and recovered by fork-lift every time you want to use it. We have 24hr recording CCTV with Intruder flood lighting protecting our main access gate to help ensure your boat is kept safe at all times.


Drystack at Neyland


  • Full tidal access and unlimited launches
  • No need for antifouling or hull scrubs
  • Optimal hull performance maintained
  • Less frequent anode changes
  • Easy access for stern gear or stern drive maintenance and for general maintenance
  • Reduced weathering to hull and superstructure
  • Lower costs


Boats of up to 15m can be dry stored/stacked.

By storing your boat in our Drystack, not only can you call up and have your boat ready and waiting to go in the water when you arrive, but you can save on maintenance, benefit from unbeatable security, and be assured that your boat will retain its value for longer.

Why Drystorage at Dale Sailing ?

Keeping your boat in a drystack is better than traditional wet or ground storage because it offers quick, convenient access to the water, saves money and provides precious piece of mind. That is why the Drystorage at Dale Sailing is the best place to store your boat in South West Wales

Better for Your Boat
If you store your boat at our drystorage, it will perform better on the water. Your boat will be free of barnacles, weeds and anti-foul paint, which means a smoother ride for you and improved fuel economy.

Better for your Pocket

The maintenance costs for storing your boat at the Drystorage Dale are a fraction of those you pay if you keep your boat in the water, on a hard standing or on a driveway. You will see a huge reduction in antifouling, lifting, cleaning and anode costs.

Better for the Environment

By storing your boat this way you’ll help protect the local marine environment. Boats stored in a drystorage accumulate less oily water in their bilges and don’t require toxic anti-foul paint. Hence, your boat is more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Better for the Future

As your boat is stored out of the water, your drives and outboard engines are less exposed to salt-water damage, so your boat is worth more for longer.

Launching at 1 hour’s notice – by the time you get to the pontoon,     your boat will be ready and waiting to go – it’s as easy as that!
• Use of a holding pontoon – return as late as you like at any height of tide
• A FREE hull wash-off on every lift back to your berth
• Reduced maintenance – less weathering, virtually eliminates anode
  sacrificing and no need to antifoul or scrub hull